Our 'Cheshire Cat' Art

 First we drew the outlines with chalk...

Next we drew the stripes

Next, we used a sponge and two different shades of purple to fill in the outlines..

Then we used bright yellow paint to create the eyes.

Rainbow Fish

We are learning to paint inside the lines using dye. Dye can be very tricky to paint with so we had to be very careful. It can be tricky not to get too much dye on our brush.

Organising our artwork into drying shelves

Fast finishers get to draw something of their choice...

This week our big book was called...
The Farm Concert 
By Joy Cowley.

Our Poem was...
The Farm

Our artwork was... 
Wax resist sheep, with dye and paint.

We had a great time using white crayons on white paper. When we applied the dye it was like magic seeing our sheep bodies appear. Once the dye dried we added their heads and legs. 


Today was T-Shirt Art day

T-shirt Art
Pastel and Dye

Our shared book this week was T-Shirts and our poem this week was T-Shirts.

We all discussed our favourite t-shirts.
Some of our t-shirts are pink, blue, purple, yellow.  Some have glitter on them, some have pictures of our favourite Disney characters, some a soft and some have frills.

Today we had the opportunity to design our own t-shirt.
Some of the ideas that we came up with to put on our t-shirts were...

Stars, planets, patterns, shapes, animals, hearts, rainbows, favourite characters, flowers, butterfies, spots, sharks, smiley faces and fish.

First, Mrs Blau gave us a printed template of a t-shirt and we used pastels to draw our design onto our shirts.  We had to use at least 5 different colours.  Next, we put on our art shirts and used dye over the pastel designs.  It is really cool how the pastel shows through when you dye over the top of it! 

Adding our dye - Children from table 1 and 2
Artwork by Table 4
Artwork by Table 1
Artwork by Table 3

 Our Greedy Cat Art

We had a lot of fun creating our 
Greedy Cat pictures.

This was such a fun activity. We had to wear art shirts so that we didn't get any paint on our uniforms.  We were so excited because we were going to be using paint!

First, we sketched the outline of our Greedy Cats with chalk.  This is so the chalk wont be seen under the paint.  Next, we put on our art shirts and dipped our sponges into the paint to sponge paint our Greedy Cats.  Next Mrs Blau gave us a medium sized paint brush so we could add some detail to Greedy Cats face! 

It was a lot of fun getting our hands mucky with paint!

Lots of concentration
Sponge painting around the outline

Adding detail

Adding stripes

The important drying stage

Greedy Cats of all different shapes and sizes


  1. Wow room 8, what AMAZING T-shirts! I can't wait to share these pictures with my class tomorrow! Our shared book and poem next week is about t-shirts too. Maybe we will use your t-shirts to inspire the ones we make!

    Thank you for sharing
    Miss Pauley -

  2. I think they are wonderful greedy cats Room 8. How did you get them to look so cuddly? From Megan Brennas Mum

  3. Fantastic Greey Cats. I am going to try this out with my wonderful, new entrant room.